Partisan Cru - Slobodne

Isabelle's thoughts on Partisan Cru:

Eastern Europe is often (incorrectly) treated as a vast, homogenous mass by the international wine trade. In reality the varied landscapes on the eastern fringes of the EU are rich with an incredible diversity of grape varieties and terroirs, with dozens of areas rediscovering their identities as former great wine regions following their rebirth in the post-Soviet world. Slobodne is a project in this vein. It is an uplifting story about three lovely siblings who left urban living and careers to revive old family land confiscated by the Communists in the days of the Iron Curtain. And what a delicious result they have achieved. Partisan Cru is quite Pinot-esque. It is ethereal, fragrant, pure and floral while also being peppery and juicy with a hint of bergamot. It is a very pretty wine.

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