Cinsault Ancient Vine Bechthold - Two Shepherds

Isabelle's thoughts on Cinsault Ancient Vine:

Cinsault is often (wrongly) considered a second rate grape because of historical use as a workhorse, bulk-wine grape. Instead it is capable of producing incredible wines, particularly when planted in appropriate locations, and Cinsault is perfectly adapted to the Californian climate. This particular vineyard is made up of stunning, 135 year-old vines. The result is a complex, concentrated, earthy, elegant drop, full of sweet spice, ripe mulberry fruit and silky fruit tannins. It is delicious but also still very youthful and definitely a keeper - if you have the time, patience and self-control! A wine worth revisiting in 10 years. Would work well with Fabada Asturiana style dishes.

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