Summer Shipping

Options for shipping wine during the summer

With summer upon us we wanted to walk through all the options you have to control your wine shipment. Although the vast majority of boxes make it to our users safe and sound throughout the summer, if you want to take extra care of your shipment, you can do that! 

Important note: the single biggest reason we see product issues during the summer is from last-mile shipments not picked up the day they're out for delivery. Please be sure that someone 21+ is home when your wine is scheduled to be delivered.

All our wine currently ships from Napa, CA. Transit times vary from 1-2 business days for most of the west coast to 3-5 business days for the east coast. We offer 3 options of shipping in the summer months (June-August).

  • UPS Ground: This is our standard shipping without any additional precautions for heat. 
  • UPS Temp Controlled with Recyclable Foam & Ice Pack:
    • This is a product that must be added to your subscription. Club orders placed on June 10th will be boxed and palletized the following week and picked up by a temperature controlled truck Friday the 17th. Your wine will travel to the nearest shipping hub (there's 5 across the country). At that point, UPS will add an ice pack and send it to its final destination via UPS Ground. 
    • You will receive an email with your UPS tracking number, but it will not yet be recognized in the UPS system until it leaves the hub, at which point transit times should be 1-4 days. 
    • This can increase total transit times up to 10 days.
    • Temperature Controledl Shipping is available to all states we can normally ship to EXCEPT for AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, KS, MT, ND, NE, NM, NV, OR, and WA. Because those states are near our warehouse, orders to those states that choose an ice pack + foam insert will be shipped via standard UPS ground with an ice pack and foam shipper. 
    • The cost for this service is $15.
  • UPS Next-Day Air with Recyclable Foam & Ice Pack: 
    • We recommend this option if you live outside of CA and want the wine to arrive quickly. Wine is shipped via air with minimal transit time.
    • The cost for this service is $80

The How-Tos

Depending on which option you want to choose above, you can update your account with the following steps:

Keep Standard Ground Shipping

No action is needed. 

Add Ice Pack and Temp Controlled Shipping ($15)

1. Log in to your account

2. Click Manage Subscription
3. Click Add Product
4. Select Ice Pack Option
5. Confirm June 10th is selected and click Add Product
After the Ice Pack product is added you should see if show up on your subscription dashboard and will be good to go!

Add Next-Day Shipping ($80)

Send us an email at and we will update your shipping rate for you!


If you have any questions, please reach out to us at and we will get your account sorted with you!