Terre Siciliane Bianco - Viteadovest

Isabelle's thoughts on Terre Siciliane Bianco:

I was tasting with Nino Barraco in Marsala when Vicenzo popped round with a few of his wines. They are highly individual, heady and definitely memorable. This is probably the most unusual wine you will have tasted from the Club so far. It is a wine that really transports you elsewhere. Two weeks of skin contact on both the Grillo (90% of the blend) and Catarratto have made their mark. It looks like liquid gold with a copper hue, and my oh my is it intense. It is concentrated (very). It is sweet. It is salty. It is tannic and zesty. Think citrus, toffee pop-corn, honey but bone dry with a tangy, salty finish. It is a bold wine that packs a punch in an unctuous sort of a way.

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