Petillant Naturel - Terah

Isabelle's thoughts on Pétillant Naturel:

When I first tasted this bottling in March 2022, there was a fair bit of residual sugar. This is the way it goes with pet nats. When you bottle your fermenting juice, there is always a chance the yeast doesn't ferment its way through all the sugars. I re-tasted the wine at the beginning of June to see if the yeasts were back in action or not, but the residual sugar is pretty much the same, which means that this pet nat may well remain off-dry. I know sugar can have bad press these days but it is not always warranted, and this bottle is a case in point. The residual sugar present is natural grape sugar, not an additive, and for a wine with so much weight and aromatic complexity it isn't a problem whatsoever as the wine is still in balance. In fact, its touch of grape-juice-ness probably makes it that bit more moreish. The wine has a pink hue which is a great reminder that there is pinot noir in the blend. A generous creamy body and mouthfeel. The effervescence is soft and gentle. You get white flower blossom notes, peach and some pink grapefruit. It is great on its own as an aperitif and it would also work well with summer fruit tarts. Only 47 cases produced.

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