Nieva York Pet Nat - Microbio Wines

Isabelle's thoughts on Nieva York Pet Nat:

I was thrilled to be able to get my hands on this pet nat. I love all of Ismael’s Gozalo’s Verdejo wines. My path first crossed with Ismael while I was filming a series for the Travel Channel some 13 years ago. As part of the tv show, we tasted at Ossian, which Ismael had started with his business partner, and which was a project focused on this amazing grape variety, although their style of winemaking was quite different at that time. Ismael went solo in 2013, making amazing wines from very old, ungrafted Verdejo grapes. Ismael is an incredibly precise farmer and winemaker, and he takes a lot of care in the crafting of his pet nat. The result is a pitch perfect, fresh drink, with incredible purity and bursting with briny citrus fruits and crisp apple. Try this with ceviche or spicy guacamole and tomato tacos.

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