Fancy a taste of what the Club selection is all about? Check out this trio - a delicious suite of bottles for natural wine novices and seasoned drinkers alike. They're organically farmed, low-intervention in the cellar, made by cult producers, they have excitingly varied flavor profiles and there's even a mature example... who said natural wine can't age. Hand-picked by our founder, Isabelle Legeron MW, just like all our monthly boxes.

*Price includes shipping, a gift note, Isabelle's tasting notes and a selection of producer interviews.

Wines included are:

Ad Vinum, 'Ravaged' Pinot Gris, Gard, Côtes du Rhône, France 2020

This lovely copper-colored wine does take a bit of work if you’re new to the more unusual styles of natural wine. Wild and funky, it shows some VA (volatile acidity) but at levels that are balanced against the depth of flavor. On the one hand there’s the sweet aromatics of a pinot gris, while on the other there’s the tug of the savory saltiness of the skin contact. Ravaged shows notes of candied apricots, creamy vanilla and spicy nutmeg that are framed by a minerality which, coupled with the VA, adds an uplifting bite and freshness. A very pleasurable, thought-provoking wine. Only about 1000 bottles produced.

Scythian Wine Company, Cucamonga Revolution, California, USA, 2022

This wine was made by the prolific Raj Parr from incredible, historic vineyards close to Los Angeles that were planted during Prohibition. Dry-farmed and long grown without the use of any human interference or agricultural products, these extraordinary bush vines are a long-forgotten slice of viticultural history. And the bottled results are just as wow. Like all Raj’s wines that I have ever tasted, Cucamonga Revolution is incredibly elegant and restrained. It is an unusual, co-fermented blend of Zinfandel (80%) and Palomino. Pale purple in color, it is full of energy, oozing black mulberry, ripe pomegranate and an almost minty freshness. It is smoky on the palate and has a grippy, tannic texture.

Les Equilibristes, Borboyon, Savoie, France, 2021

Made using autochthonous Savoyarde grapes - Jacquère and Altesse - this wine tastes of the mountains. It has a sort of icy, cold wind quality to it. This is the diametric opposite to a froufrou wine. Stark, reserved and with a pure, crystalline acidity, this is a wine dappled with elegant, restrained notes of white stone fruit, crisp pear, a delicate daisy-like florality and a subtle, glacial mintiness. It opens up as the wine gets a bit warmer in the glass. A pretty, tight, mineral wine.